Carl F. Bucherer Alacria RoyalRose

Swiss replica watches — Inspired by the rose, the Alacria RoyalRose is a limited-edition model featuring a stunning, elaborately studded strap.

Alacria RoyalRose © Carl F. Bucherer

The Alacria RoyalRose is also inspired by the soft shapes of the violin, with the convexly curved edges of its 18-carat white gold case. Set with 137 dazzling sapphires and 137 diamonds, the floral design in warm, iridescent blue and violet hues of the Alacria RoyalRose lend it depth and multi-dimensionality. The hands are likewise feminine and delicate, their cutout design emphasizing the elegance of the model. Floral elements set with 89 sapphires and 26 diamonds cover the entire mother-of-pearl inlay of the dial.



The Alacria RoyalRose is a limited edition of 125 pieces.
© Carl F. Bucherer

The delicately studded strap is an extension of the lovingly designed face. It is set with 482 diamonds and 228 sapphires.

The cheap replica watches sale is animated by a quartz movement displaying he hours and minutes.



The Alacria RoyalRose: a timepiece whose harmonious lines are set with sapphires and diamonds in a floral design.
© Carl F. Bucherer fake watches UK