Introducing The Development History Of Famous Rolex Explorer II Replica Watches

Rolex released Explorer II in 1971 which was not for climbers, but especially for explorers and adventurers, who would spend a lot time in dark environment. Therefore, the high-quality fake Rolex Explorer II provides the additional 24-hour hand, allowing the wearers to distinguish the day time from night time easily no matter what the surrounding environment is.

Rolex launched four different versions of Explorer II till now.

This timepiece has been considered as one of the coolest and most eye-catching models of Rolex.

Oystersteel Case Fake Rolex Watch

  • From 1971-1985 Ref.1655

The 39 mm Rolex copy watch features an eye-catching orange 24-hour hand which was created especially for potholers. It has been considered as one of the coolest models of Rolex.

  • From 1985-1989 Ref.16550

The Explorer II created within this time featured the 40 mm case and the glass had been replaced with sapphire crystal. It could not only indicate the day time and night time, but also display the two time zones.

  • From 1989-2011 Ref.16570

The Ref. 16570 had been produced for 22 years which had been equipped with the new  hgeneration movement – calibre 3186. The design of hour markers is changed too.

The orange hand is created to pay tribute to the original Explorer II.

Oystersteel Bracelet Rolex Imitation Watch

  • From 2011 till now Ref. 216570

The watch brand released the new Explorer II Ref.216570 to celebrate the collection’s 40th anniversary. The newest knockoff watch with white dial features a 42 mm case. In order to balance the big case, the hands and hour markers have been enlarged too, meanwhile, offering greater legibility.