Two Popular Rolex Replica Watches Will Catch Your Eyes

Rolex does well in adopting the innovative and new materials to manufacture its products. Here I will recommend two luxury fake Rolex watches made from creative materials including the fascinating malachite and mysterious meteorite.

Rolex Datejust

The malachite dial looks very noble and charming.

Rolex Datejust Replica With Malachite Dial

Malachite is a natural ore, which looks green or grass green. It is mainly produced in the oxidation zone of copper-bearing sulphide deposits. It is a secondary raw material for copper smelting. Malachite can be used to engrave various decorations, while the powders are used to make pigments. Rolex Datejust copy watch with gold case has been adopted with such a charming malachite dial, making it the one and only in the world.

Rolex Daytona

The meteorite dial is distinctive with its unique Weidmann pattern.

40 MM Rolex Daytona Imitation Watch

In fact, the meteorite Rolex uses is the iron meteorite which contains the Weidmann pattern. The Oystersteel bracelet knockoff watch of Daytona has adopted a meteorite dial which is very distinctive.

Introducing The Development History Of Famous Rolex Explorer II Replica Watches

Rolex released Explorer II in 1971 which was not for climbers, but especially for explorers and adventurers, who would spend a lot time in dark environment. Therefore, the high-quality fake Rolex Explorer II provides the additional 24-hour hand, allowing the wearers to distinguish the day time from night time easily no matter what the surrounding environment is.

Rolex launched four different versions of Explorer II till now.

This timepiece has been considered as one of the coolest and most eye-catching models of Rolex.

Oystersteel Case Fake Rolex Watch

  • From 1971-1985 Ref.1655

The 39 mm Rolex copy watch features an eye-catching orange 24-hour hand which was created especially for potholers. It has been considered as one of the coolest models of Rolex.

  • From 1985-1989 Ref.16550

The Explorer II created within this time featured the 40 mm case and the glass had been replaced with sapphire crystal. It could not only indicate the day time and night time, but also display the two time zones.

  • From 1989-2011 Ref.16570

The Ref. 16570 had been produced for 22 years which had been equipped with the new  hgeneration movement – calibre 3186. The design of hour markers is changed too.

The orange hand is created to pay tribute to the original Explorer II.

Oystersteel Bracelet Rolex Imitation Watch

  • From 2011 till now Ref. 216570

The watch brand released the new Explorer II Ref.216570 to celebrate the collection’s 40th anniversary. The newest knockoff watch with white dial features a 42 mm case. In order to balance the big case, the hands and hour markers have been enlarged too, meanwhile, offering greater legibility.

Precious Replica Rolex Ref.6062 Favored By Watch Collectors

If you ask someone who don’t know much about antique watches whether the antique fake Rolex Ref.6062 good-looking or not, the answer must be no. Although the Ref.6062 “the Dark Star” has been favored very much by many watch collectors, many people will say that it is only an old and broken timepiece.

The case of this antique Rolex is very rounded and complete.

36 MM Rolex Ref.6062 Imitation Watch

Created in 1950s, Ref.6062 was the first moon phase mass-produced automatic wristwatch which was waterproof. The gold case copy Rolex could also be considered as the most complicated model of the watch brand with the function of date display, day of week display, month display and moon phase indication. The movement was the one especially developed and manufactured for this model.

It is very rare and precious.

Charming Rolex Knockoff Watches

The auctioned antique imitation watch with brown leather strap perfectly explains a commonly seen phenomenon in antique watches industry. The watch looks new doesn’t mean it is a good antique watch yet. The case that looks like it’s been burned represents the oxidation over time. You can imagine that it been rarely worn and became to be like this somewhere in the world. It could be said that there will not be the other model that is same with this one.

What Will Happen When The New Sales Guidelines Of Replica Rolex Are Published?

Many watch lovers know that Rolex has released a strict sales guidelines to its retailers the past few days to control the rising market price, reinforcing sales best practices and to avoid the inappropriate sale of the luxury fake watches. However, does the condition change now?

The black Rolex Submariner has been one of the msot popular sporty watches of Rolex in recent years.

Black Dial Replica Rolex Submariner

In my opinion, the new policy will work, but not all. In the past year, the price of the popular Rolex watches has increased a lot and the real price is much higher than official price. The new sales guidelines will control it to some extent. For example, The Rolex Daytona copy watch with champagne dial will be sold at a high price on second market if all the protective stickers are maintained. Now after the new policy releases, this condition will be different.

Rolex Daytona has always been very popular among watch lovers in all ages.

Oystersteel And Gold Bracelet Replica Rolex

However, for the watch lovers who are familiar with the second market of Rolex watches will know that the currently popular models in the market have already been removed the stickers and the bracelets have been removed too, which doesn’t mean anything to the watch lovers. What they love are the real watches. So the new sales guidelines couldn’t work on this condition.

Development History Of Popular Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica Watches

Daytona is the name of a small city in America, and there will be a famous racing held there every year. Rolex built a partnership with the Daytona competition after the Rolex Daytona was released in 1963.

It is Paul Newman that made Daytona become a heat in Italy market.

Rolex Daytona Copy With White Dial

At beginning, Rolex didn’t pay much attention on the chronograph timepieces, instead, it laid more importance on the research of Oyster and automatic devices.Later as the patented Oyster structure made Rolex position itself on the market of sporty watches. So Rolex decided to develop its own sporty watch. Then the high-performance copy Rolex Daytona was born in the world.

The Paul Newman Daytona became very popular among the watch collectors at that time.

Black Leather Strap Fake Rolex Watch

In 1988, Rolex has changed its movement from the manual-winding Valjoux to self-winding EL Primero of Zenith. Why Daytona became more and more popular among so many luxury watches? This is inseparable from an American film star – Paul Newman. The distinctive Rolex fake watch with new exotic dial released in 1960s was the Paul Newman Daytona that we are familiar with currently. It caused a heat in Italy market with the sales strategy of Rolex. With the influence of the famous super star, Rolex Daytona has been the focus that many watch collectors pursued.

Take A Close Look At These Luxurious And Precious Fake Rolex Lady-Datejust Watches

These precious and elegant replica Rolex Lady-Datejust watches started to show the feminine charm from the new Angle. 18K yellow gold case matches with champagne dial, also specially decorating with sparkling diamonds, implicitly reflecting the preciousness of the watch and making the whole watches more with a luxurious charm. Now, let’s take a close look at this one.

Yellow Gold Of Rolex

Seeing from the overall design, for the precious yellow gold and red gemstones, this fake Rolex watch looks more charming.

Fantastic Replica Rolex


For this champagne dial replica Rolex Lady-Datejust watch, that direclty adopted the precious yellow gold material, through carefully polishing and processing, the whole appearance sending out the unique shining luster.

Iconic Oyster Case

Also using the iconic Oyster case which is prominent pillar of perfect proportion and elegant style, matching the distinctive grooved bezel, ensuring perfection of every details.

Precise Chronograph Function

Adopting the eye-catching appearance, matching stable performance, this replica Role watch also is a good choice.

Remarkable Replica Rolex

This yellow gold case replica Rolex watch equip with the Calibre 2235, perfectly adhering to the same design concept of the real one for a superlative level of performance.

Sparkling Fake Rolex Cellini Watches With Stable And Subdued Performance

Classical and elegant appearance, precious material, alligator leather strap and traditional clasp, that all make this replica Rolex watch has attracted much attention. Now, let’s take a close look this delicate fake Rolex watch.

Stable And Subdued

Adhering to the identical appearance, matching stable performance, this replica Rolex watch also attracted a lot of people.

Eye-catching Replica Rolex

For the perfect combination of Everose gold and diamonds, this black strap replica Rolex watch gives people a luxurious feeling, also matching the cool black dial and strap, also making the whole appearance more with a unique charm. Also with the graceful outlines, through carefully polishing, the whole fake Rolex watch also sends out charming luster of Everose gold.

Durability And Accuracy

For the decoration of diamonds and rose gold, this fake Rolex watch looks more with an luxurious feeling.

Rose Gold Crown Fake Rolex

Equipping with 3132 self-winding movement, this black dial replica Rolex Cellini watch also shows accurate and reliable performance. Specially carrying the blue Parachrom and Paraflex system, that highly increased the ability of the antimagnetic and shock-protected, making the whole fake Rolex watch more stable and durable.

Perfect Embodiment – Eye-Catching Replica Rolex Datejust Watches

When talking about these charming fake Rolex Datejust watches which are specially designed for the ladies, most of people would remind of the delicate appearance, whether for the material or the design, that all can easily attract a lot of women. So, here just come some.

Deduce Incisively And Vividly

Adopting the charming dial design, this fake Rolex watch easily catches a lot of people's attention.

Steel Case Replica Rolex

With these precious yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, also matching the decoration of these dazzling diamonds, delicate watchmaking technology combining with chronograph art, these sparkling replica Rolex Datejust watches directly show the remarkable features of these classical ladies’ watches.

Continue The Elegance

Whether for the diamonds or the white gold, this replica Rolex watch also shows a elegant and luxurious design style.

White Dial Replica Rolex

In addition to the luxurious material, for the design, the functions and the performance, these sparkling fake Rolex watches all present the best. Completely adhering to the wonderful design features of the real ones, also condensing other innovative design, all these fake Rolex watches also can be a perfect choice of you.

Sparkling Replica Watches With Dazzling Diamonds Recommend To You

For these replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39 watches, most of people would remind of dazzling appearance design. Adopting rose gold material, setting with rare diamonds, these fake Rolex watches completely show the outstanding gemstone Mosaic.

The Most Sparkling Diamonds

For these wonderful diamonds decoration, this replica Rolex watch leavs people a deep impression.

Rose Gold Crown Fake Rolex

These dazzling diamonds setting on these diamonds bezel fake Rolex Pearlmaster 39 watches through strictly selected and with traditional elaboration, completely showing the most eye-catching luster.

With Waterproof Function

Just the same as other fake Rolex watches, these well-designed replica Rolex watches also can reflect the outstanding watchmaking technology. Its Oyster case keeps 100m waterproof, which can be said as a good example of elegance and firmness.

Reliable Movement

Whether for the charming purple dial or the dazzling diamonds, that all make this fake Rolex more sparkling.

Purple Dial Replica Rolex

These fake Rolex watches equip with 3235 movement, whether for precision, power reserve, shock and magnetic proof, comfortable and reliable wearing, that all showing the best, perfectly showing the delicate technology.

Eye-catching Replica Rolex Daytona Watches With High Technology

As classical sailing watches, with the rugged appearance and outstanding performance, these replica Rolex Yacht-Master watches gain a lot of popularity. Now, I’d like to recommend you one.

Delicate Without Losing The Personality

With steel case and bracelet matching white dial, this replica Rolex watch directly shows the classical design features.

Red Second Hand Fake Rolex

Drawing the inspiration from the blue ocean world, this delicate replica Rolex Daytona watch carries the white mother-of-pearl dial, decorating with large scale and pointers, providing the best readability. No matter for sailing abroad or in the elegant room, this replica Rolex watch is a best partner.

Distinguished Functions

For the concise but elegant design style, this replica Rolex gains a lot of popularity.

Replica Rolex With 3135 Movement

This white scale fake Rolex watch adopted the perfect combination of stainless steel case and white gold bezel, and upon the dial, that also specially carried the date display window at 3 o’clock position. Matte frosted bezel highlights the polished digital and scale, presenting convenient and visible time display, also matching the 3135 self-winding movement, directly showing the wonderful watchmaking technology.